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Wellness Center Woman with toddler at Discovery Kids Place

Helping Our Employees Thrive

Discovery's commitment to its core mission of bringing the highest quality content, services and products to consumers everywhere begins with the company's workforce. With a global community that spans five continents and over 7,000 employees, Discovery strives to attract and retain the best people in the world by being an employer of choice with a full range of programs designed to encourage a healthy work-life balance and an open and inclusive workplace. From flexible work arrangements, to on-site health, wellness and daycare services, to mentoring and leadership development programs, Discovery recognizes that supporting a thriving employee base is key to our success.

To learn more about Discovery's global work-life benefits programs, visit our Careers website.

Some examples of Discovery's at-work benefits include:

Discovery Kids Place and Crikey Cove

In August 2008, Discovery Communications, along with Bright Horizons Family Solutions, opened Discovery Kids Place and Crikey Cove, a state-of-the-art, green child care center with a one-of-a-kind playground. Located at the global headquarters of Discovery, the center is dedicated to Steve Irwin, wildlife conservationist and member of the Discovery family. Continuing Discovery's commitment to living and working green, the child care center is eco-friendly in its design and operations, including the use of recyclable materials in children's art materials and bio-degradable paper goods made from sugar cane fiber. Children learn about the environment and protecting the planet through a green curriculum that is part of the center's programming. Discovery Kids Place most recently celebrated it's 5th Birthday in 2013.

Bright Space

Recognizing that not every child has a safe place to learn and play, in December 2008, Discovery and Bright Horizons opened the Montgomery County, Md. Bright Space - a dedicated playroom for at-risk children in a newly renovated space at the Rockville, Md.-based Family Discovery Center. The child-friendly space was designed to meet the needs of the families with children from birth to three years of age. 

Wellness Centers

The health and wellness of Discovery's workforce and their families is of utmost importance and the company takes a holistic and integrated approach to providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health services, highlighted by a full-service, on-site Medical and Wellness Center at the company's world headquarters office in Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as its Miami, New York, London and Sterling offices. All full and part-time Discovery employees and their dependents (over age 12 on the Discovery health care plan) may take advantage of the center services at no charge. The center offers full primary care medical services including urgent and preventive care and behavioral health and nutritional counseling. Care is provided by medical practitioners from Discovery's long-time partner, Take Care Health Systems (a subsidiary of Walgreens Co.).

In addition to the health benefits provided to employees and their families, Discovery offers a robust wellness and exercise program. In the Silver Spring and London offices, employees may participate in on-site fitness programs ranging from yoga to boot camp throughout the year. In the Los Angeles office, employees recently celebrated the launch of Discovery's first onsite gym, the Discovery Wellness Studio.

Employee Resource Groups

Discovery's view of diversity is informed by the notion that everyone is diverse for a variety of reasons. Certainly our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are comprised along the lines of those more traditional lines of diversity, but the employees who make them cross those boundaries. At Discovery, ERGs aren't only about affinity for and affiliation with a specific interest, they're also about appreciation for the diversity those groups represent. The leaders and members of our ERGs know that the color of a person's skin, their gender, their age, and their sexual orientation don't define them, and therefore the groups that they voluntarily participate in don't either. Our newest groups, ableD and unidaD, join Women's Leadership Network, Discovery Veterans Group, priDe, Black Cultural Alliance, Asian Cultural Alliance, genD, and Working Families Group to offer employees extracurricular opportunities to develop deeper relationship with their colleagues.

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Asian Cultural Alliance

The Asian Cultural Alliance aims to champion Asian American employees within Discovery by providing leadership opportunities, focusing on professional development efforts and programs, and highlighting contributions of Asian American emplyees internally and externally.

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Black Cultural Alliance

The Black Cultural Alliance initiatives are designed to support Discovery's strategic business objectives, to ensure a strong pipeline of talented, high-performing individuals of African descent, and to positively impact the communities in which BCA members live and work.

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Discovery Veterans Group

The Veterans Group serves as Discovery's connection to the military community through outreach programs and recruitment initiatives. Our presence in the military community strengthens Discovery's position as an all-inclusive, progressive media company, and provides internal Veterans with professional networking and mentoring opportunities.

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Discovery's priDe employee resource group is for LGBT staff and their allies working to support inclusion, recruitment, retention, development and advancement. priDe serves as a resource to the company for internal, external, on-air and off-air matters related to LGBT issues in both the media industry and general corporate environment.

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Generation Discovery

GenD serves as a resource group for Discovery's early career employees, encouraging its members from around the globe to develop professionally through leadership skills, industry knowledge and cross-divisional relationships.

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Women's Leadership Network

The Women's Leadership Network aims to foster a strong association among the women of Discovery and their peers, to provide resources for leadership and professional development, and to act as a catalyst for high-performance execution both at an individual level and company-wide.

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Discovery Family Forum

Discovery Family Forum aims to create an inclusive network promoting support and understanding to enhance the lives of Discovery's working parents and caregivers by: exchanging ideas, resources and experiences, empowering one another, and encouraging opportunities for internal and external recognition.

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ableD aims to provide support, increased visibility and resources for Discovery employees and their families while promoting disability awareness throughout the Discovery community. ableD supports and recognizes all forms of disabilities, both seen and unseen.

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unidaD aims to provide a support system for Latino and Hispanic Discovery employees while raising the cultural awareness throughout the greater Discovery community. unidaD also aims to support Discovery's business initiatives through partnering with Discovery networks to provide research, development and programming input as needed. unidaD will serve as a forum and resource for employees who self-identify as Latino or Hispanic and those with genuine curiosity, respect and interest in the culture and history.

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